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Booking Hire Terms and Conditions

DJ Kwenda Booking & Hire Terms and Conditions for Your Unforgettable Event

Binding Contract and Deposit

When you choose DJ Kwenda for your event or function, your commitment is solidified with a 100% binding guarantee of contract. To secure your booking, kindly ensure that the Booking Form and a $500 deposit or full payment reach DJ Kwenda within 7 days of confirming your tentative booking. DJ Kwenda values your time and commitment, and any delay beyond this period unfortunately leads to cancellation of your reservation.

Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement

Upon agreeing to the Non-Refundable Deposit, your decision is binding, regardless of any subsequent change of heart concerning the service’s utilization. DJ Kwenda believes in transparent and professional business interactions, and this policy ensures the smooth execution of your event plans.

Payment and Schedule Adherence

Failure to submit the required deposit may result in DJ Kwenda modifying his work schedule without prior notice. Timely payment not only guarantees your event’s success but also allows DJ Kwenda to maintain a well-organized and efficient calendar.

Optimal Set-Up Timeframes

For a seamless experience, DJ Kwenda requests a minimum of one hour both before and after the event’s start time. This timeframe facilitates the necessary equipment setup and teardown. It’s important to note that familiarization with the venue and favorable access conditions can lead to reduced setup time requirements.

Space Considerations

For optimal performance, DJ Kwenda requires a minimum space of 2m X 2m. In the event of other entertainment options being booked alongside DJ Kwenda, please consider the available space and its allocation to ensure a harmonious arrangement.

Safety and Equipment Assembly

Prioritizing safety, DJ Kwenda reserves the right to decline event continuation if insufficient floor space jeopardizes the secure assembly of audio and lighting equipment. Your guests’ safety and a flawless performance remain our utmost concern.

Equipment Responsibility

While enjoying the event, you are responsible for any damage to DJ Kwenda’s equipment or vehicles caused by any individual. Repair costs and associated expenses incurred during this period will be communicated promptly. DJ Kwenda’s commitment to transparent communication ensures a mutually beneficial outcome.

Behavior and Safety

Maintaining a respectful environment is paramount. DJ Kwenda does not tolerate any form of violent, aggressive, or abusive behavior from any individual. Furthermore, in situations where personal safety is at risk, DJ Kwenda reserves the right to terminate his services. Though DJ Kwenda does not facilitate the removal of unwanted persons, he will inform you promptly of any arising issues.

Contingency Planning

In rare cases where uncontrollable circumstances arise, DJ Kwenda reserves the right to provide alternative entertainment. This ensures the continuation of your event’s entertainment, even in unforeseen situations.

In summary, these terms and conditions lay the foundation for a successful event featuring DJ Kwenda. He values professionalism, safety, and open communication, and by adhering to these guidelines, DJ Kwenda guarantee an unforgettable experience.